Roblox Down

Roblox Down

Update – I logged in on the website and it seems my daughters account had been flagged. She swears she never posted any photograph of any sort, nevertheless it stated a private picture was uploaded. We needed to reactive it on the web site.

My son’s cellphone Roblox app recreation keeps wanting him to log in. We’ve even tried to have them ship us username and /or password in case we’ve forgotten what it’s, nonetheless this has been unsuccessful too. Nothing is working to get him logged in.

Roblox Website Wont Load

Okay its been three hours and roblox servers are nonetheless not on. I’ve been itching to play to relax, however this critically annoys me. Were you in a position to recover your account?

why is roblox not working

If the momentary internet information saved in your hard drive are corrupted, you might encounter Roblox not working concern. To clear up the problem, you can clear them. After resetting the settings, you possibly can restart Google Chrome and check if Roblox works correctly once more. The attainable reasons could possibly be various, such as corrupted short-term recordsdata, problems related to firewall, and so forth. You may not know which one you might be dealing with, however you’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue with the following methods. Yea so this entire John Doe situation, it’s fairly obvious they’re saying Roblox is getting deleted or hacked on the 31st, nicely all fake.

Roblox Comments

i cant be a part of roblox with my fb account when i login with fb it says “redirecting to facebook after which it stops. HI, I can’t login on Roblox right now, it’s says Your username or password is wrong. My son is having problems logging into his ROBLOX account. His username is xxgamer_gamingxx. It retains saying username and password incorrect. Now he’s saying someone else is using his account as a result of his avatar has been modified.

We tried to reset password numerous instances over the previous 2 days and have not acquired the e-mail to set up a brand new password. This could be very irritating contemplating that we’ve invested a lot of money on this recreation and have ongoing monthly memberships and may’t even get on the game. Being able to discuss to a stay buyer support individual could be anticipated and appreciated. We’ve sent an e mail to get assist however it’s been 2 days and nonetheless no help. This is not cool in any respect my little brother is a wreck proper now. He’s been playing this sport for a very long time, we were attempting to buy roblox , it said session was over sign off and log back in to proceed.

Resolved Points

Some of you might need a solution however be at liberty to place it right here when you have the solution for how to fix this. Not positive if these specifics have something to do with this, however I also haven’t been able to log into any Roblox accounts on Firefox at all. Disabling my add-ons did not work, I’m wondering if it has to do with my configs. In 2014 to 2015, this page would be seen for a short while before you would be redirected to the then-latest upkeep web page, presumably so Administrators may log in. When Roblox is playable throughout upkeep, the banner will as a substitute say “Roblox is currently present process maintenance. You could encounter connectivity points.”

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