Our Goals On Net Neutrality (Dropped)

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Table of Contents

For Net Neutrality

What we are looking to create and maintain is an Internet that acts as a free speech zone, horizontal space for communication and sharing of information, and a public commons.

To achieve this, there are a few simple principles we must keep in place. The basic principle of net neutrality that is in question now is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must treat all traffic equally, regardless of who is sending it, the content within, or the function of the application being used.

We want to maintain the Internet as a network that allows all users equal access to speak and be heard. It is through this that the Internet has supported marginalized groups, provided a communications platform for political movements, and fostered innovations in technology and services.

For Google

1. Blackout their entire website for a day, replacing it with a link to petitions and the FCC comment page.

2. Add a link to their homepage to inform visitors and connect them to petitions online.

3. Create their own creative way to connect their users to this issue and how to fight back.

Thank You

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