Root Genius APK Download For Android (Official)

Root Genius apk is today’s rooting tool, root genius apk is an app that has been especially developed to provide users ease as well as a more secure means with which they can root their phone, rooting an Android phone has a lot of risks some of them might lead to bricking of the device, or it could void the warranty of your new smartphone, either way, it is better to know the risks before you root your device, other than that some of the updates might not work for your device, that covers the most of the risks. You can also install Windows 10 launcher Apk For Android.

if you are willing to root your device then you should know the benefits that come with rooting it. Before that let’s see, how you could download root genius apk & root your Android device, let’s get started.

Root Genius APK Download v3.0.1 For Android – Latest Version (Official)

What is Root Genius?

Root genius is one of the best android rooting application that enables you in rooting your device without using a computer, just download the root genius apk from the link below and install in your device to get root access. 

Root Genius APK Overview

You can get a glimpse of this application from the table below,


Root Genius




7.5 MB

Stable version



4.0 and up



No Of Downloads


Download Link

How to install Root Genius on your Android device?

You will have to connect your Android phone to PC, so make sure that you have a USB cable with you before you start.

Step 1: First go to “Settings” then select “About phone” in which you can choose “Build number” and then ”Developer Option” here you have to enable USB debugging.

Step 2: Now you will have to download the Root Genius apk file, just click on the below link.

Step 3: Now connect your smartphone or tablet to the PC using the smartphone USB cable.

Step 4: Once you have connected it, the android root genius will detect your device and then you can accept the user agreement.

Step 5: After that is done, just click on the “Root “button that is present on the screen.

Step 6: Root Genius apk will start the rooting process, you will have to wait till it is completed.

Once the process is completed your device might restart, after your device is on you will be able to view the Root genius android app on the screen on your smartphone.

How to root your device using root genius apk?

  1. Download the Root genius app file from the above link.
  2. You can decompress it and use the apk file, tap on the apk file to install it.
  3. Once the installation process is complete you can launch the root genius application.
  4. After you open the file, you can start the rooting process of your device, the rest of the steps are just similar to how it is done with a computer.

Benefits of Rooting Your Device,

Features that you will benefit from when you root your device using the root genius apk or any other rooting method or technique:

  • How many times have you wanted to get rid of the unnecessary pre-installed applications just sitting there on your phone memory, but you couldn’t do so as you had no means or method to remove them, as the developer has put that restriction on your device. After you root your device you get to have access to a lot more additional features, and you can uninstall these apps which free up some space and improves the performance of your device along with it.
  • There must have been times where you were doing some important work and it got ruined or you got distracted due to the ads that seemed to have a habit of popping up at any random times, this can be annoying and is the biggest kind of inconvenience after you root your device you can have access to the plenty of Adblock apps which you can utilize to get rid of these nasty advertisements and you will be left alone to work in peace.
  • You must have been thwarted by the manufacturers restriction at times, when you wanted to download a particular app but is just wasn’t compatible with your device, after you have root access you can get these apps, and there are some apps that only work after root access is provided you will be able to download such apps once you root your Android device.
  • You will be able to get your hands on the latest Android OS, even before it is released in the market, and along with that, you can also get some bonus features.
  • Once you install the new custom ROMs on your phone, you don’t have to settle for the default skins that have been made available by your manufacturer for branding the device, you can tweak and customize the skin so that you can have a unique and appealing one.
  • There are various apps that hog the resources of your device, this affects the performance of your phone as well as battery life, once you have rooted your device you have the choice of getting unlimited number of apps, few of which have been special designed and developed for improving the performance of your device, these app take care for the application that are working in the background and consuming resources, which will give your device speed that it requires and will also improve your phone’s battery life.
  • Android phones have developed quite a lot, and they have been providing various features to users, but it still has lot to catch up to meanwhile you can root your device and have the advantage of being able to use the additional features that come along with the rooting mechanism, after rooting your phone you can make complete backups on your device, an unrooted phone only back up a few things, which is not that great as in case something happens to the device majority of your data and application will be lost and you won’t have any means to do that, for better backup you can get an application like titanium for your Android device.

Features Of Root Genius

Listed below are the features of root genius apk, rooting app:

  • One-click Rooting: Root genius provides every user an easy installation, all a users has to do is download root genius and install it quickly as you can see from the above steps that it is an extremely easy process and once it is installed you can root your device just that easily.
  • A Simple user interface: Even a newbie with no technical skills can use this app for rooting their phone, it has simple and a user-friendly interface which makes the rooting process a lot easier on everyone.
  • Root genius Supports Almost all Android Versions: you can make use of this app for rooting any Android smartphone or tablet, it is compatible with almost all of the Android devices and is considered a universal rooting app by some of them.
  • Internet Connection is not mandatory, once you have downloaded root genius, there is no need for an internet connection for the entire rooting process, you can follow the above-mentioned steps for rooting your process, you will notice that none of those need you to have an internet connection.
  • Use of computer for the rooting process is a choice: If you don’t want to use a computer then you can install root genius without it, but if you think using a computer works better than that is the way you could go, both these choice have been made available to you by Root genius.

 Wrapping up,

That is all that you need to know about root genius apk, we have covered the installation process which itself explains how you can root the device and we have also seen the features that you will be able to reap once you download root genius apk and root your device. You should have no trouble installing it and rooting your phone, just make sure that you don’t ignore the risks.

Thank You

Windows 10 Launcher Apk For Android (Latest)

Have you gone bored with the old traditional user interface of your android phone? Are you looking for a perfect launcher for your Android device that will make it even much prettier? If your answer is YES, then Windows 10 Launcher for Android is one of the perfect options for you. It is one of the most excellent launchers for your android operating system available in the market that is going to impress you with the help of amazing features it includes.

This android launcher is well known for its quick and easy to use interface that everyone can easily handle and work on. It is indeed a very clean, bright and energy efficiently launcher for your android that is going to save you from the clutter of icons.

Download Windows 10 Launcher APK For Android

Windows 10 launcher Apk is one of the first rated android launchers for your android that is primarily designed and developed as per the different needs of different users. It not only takes care of your user interface and makes it even more happening;

Why Windows 10 Launcher?

it is a great platform that also offers the users easy navigation to the different apps as well. It is a free launcher that you can easily download from your Google Play Store. The only thing that you need to have for downloading this fantastic launcher is an android system well supporting 10 API and above.

The downloading windows 10 launcher for android is much more comfortable that can be easily accomplished just by making a few clicks only.

Install Win 10 Launcher Apk On Android

  1. First of all, download the Windows 10 launcher apk from the link above.
  2. Open Settings >> Security >> enable “unknown sources” to install the apk.
  3. Open the downloaded apk and tap install.
  4. Wait for a few seconds the apk will installed.

Windows 10 Launcher Features

Windows 10 Launcher for Android is a great option that is going to make your home screen even more interactive. It is one of the fully-featured apps for your android applications that come up with a wide array of beautiful features such as:

  • Customizable Theme Colors: – Windows 10 Launcher apk on android includes a wide range of natural customizable theme colors from where you can easily choose the color of your theme as per your preferences. In other words, we can also say that you are now not going to have a colorful screen now but you are also going to have a cleverly emulated feel of your Windows 10.
  • Stylish Titles: – Now, make the headings and subheadings of your app icons even much stylish with the help of this beautiful launcher for your android operating system. Now make your home screen even much impressed with the support of rich pictures along with living titles for a majority of apps.
  • One-click app download: – Windows 10 Launcher is not only a perfect option for customizing your home screen, but it also serves as an app store for your device as well that enables you to download a vast variety of applications just with the help of single click only.
  • Windows Phone Experience: – Windows 10 Launcher is a great option for all those who are looking a perfect app for their device that can enable them to enjoy the experience of working on Windows smartphones on their android operating system.
  • Easy navigation to apps: – This fantastic launcher also has made it much easier to navigate to your desired apps easily. In other words; we can also say that you now don’t need to search in the clutter of applications to find out your desired one; get this fantastic application on your device and add more to your user experience.


Above is the detailed information about Windows 10 launcher apk for android. So friends; what are you waiting for? Just install this fantastic launcher to your android phone now and easily customize your Smartphone as per your preferences.

Thank You