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It is Time to Take Action for Net Neutrality

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools we have for changing the world.

The choices we make today will determine how this amazing tool will be used to craft the world we live in tomorrow.

Since it’s inception, the Internet has remained a horizontal space where all users have equal access to information & communication. As the FCC considers new rules that will allow for large corporations to have faster connection pathways than individuals, we must consider what kind of internet we want. There is an overwhelming consensus that we all want an Internet-based on a few simple principles: a space that does not discriminate between its users, a space that does not limit content or censor information, and a space that does not require you to pay to have greater access. This is the essence of net neutrality.

The truth is that the Internet is quickly becoming the greatest catalyst for transforming and changing the world we live in. It is through these tools that we have recently seen governments & corporations challenged, entire political systems revamped, and new innovations birthed.

We are taking action to defend the Internet as our public commons.

Thank You

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